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Is your piece a vexel or a vector?
Read this

1. Name the program used to make your deviation in the artist's comment!
2. Name the tools and effects you used in your piece in the artist's comment! Tools meaning the tools of the program like pen tool, gradient, etc (as opposed to a mouse or a tablet).
3. If your work is Mixed Medial please tell us what part of your deviation is raster!
4. Name any and all effects, filters, textures or live effects you used to make your work.
5. Make sure your work has been uploaded to Deviantart's Vector, Vexel or Mixed Media galleries.
if you don't do this we will link you to these rules and deny your submission - you can then resubmit of course :aww:

Who can submit?

Who can become a member?
  • Everyone!

What can we submit?
  • Vector and vexel pieces!
  • We now welcome mixed vector or vexel art. By mixed we mean raster elements that would mean your piece is no longer Vector or Vexel, such as textures, brush work, etc. This work is to be submitted to our "Vection" Folder!
  • vector-artists support pieces!
  • Please No WIPs

How much can we submit?
  • Two deviations per week.

How do we submit?
  • Vector and vexels:
Go to the gallery and select either vexel or vector. Then select a sub folder (like people, animals, objects and so on) that your piece should go in - click the "submit to this folder"-button in the subfolder and you're good to go!
  • Other stuff?
you can submit pieces that support vector-artist to the VA-support folder
all other non-vector or -vexel will be declined - this includes drawings that you think looks like vector or vexel.

I submitted to the wrong folder, what happens now?
  • You can withdraw your submission and resubmit it to the correct folder.
  • If you don't withdraw it your submission will either be declined or moved to the correct folder. But please try to submit to the correct folders.

I made a tutorial, can it be in the gallery?
  • For now, no. You can submit it to the favourites and maybe we will add it to the gallery later on.</strong>

Who decides what is featured in the vector and vexel folders?
  • Your happy admins! We pick out pieces that are superb to feature - later on this might become something the members can vote about :eager:

  • First off, this is not an insult or anything against your skill level or your art. All it means is that you failed to follow one of our rules.
  • You may have forgotten to tell us the program you used or the tools and effects that you used.
  • You may have submitted to the wrong folder.
  • We will always comment on your submission with a reason, please never delete the pending transaction that appears in your messages and please always check to see if you have a comment on it.
  • Please, no Works In Progress! We want to see your fantabulous finished piece!
  • Please, no collabs!!!

If you read all of this
  • then you are a good member and deserves a hug! :huggle:

- Love from the team!
we are so excited about this!

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