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Hello to all of the wonderful members of our vector-artists Group :)

As some of you may know, my health issues haven't been getting any better, and in all honesty, they're slowly getting worse.  My internet time is sporadic, and I'm not able to be here as much as I'd love to be.  So, instead of letting submissions and join requests expire all the time because I can't get to them, I've decided to put everything on 'Auto Accept' for the time being.  This will let your work go through to the group immediately upon submission, and join requests will do the same.

I only ask that you please make sure our simple rules are followed:
1)  Be sure to include in your Artist's Comments the programs used when creating your work.  If you have used a program such as Photoshop, please list any filters, etc that were used.
2)  Be sure to submit to the proper folder that best describes your work.

This is really all we ask, it's pretty simple :)  When I'm able to be online, I'll go through the galleries and make sure these rules have been followed.  If anything is in the wrong folder, I will move it to it's proper place.  If you have failed to provide the program information, your work will probably be deleted, and I will try to leave notes telling you what's happened and why.  

I will still be online as I am able. If you have any questions or problems, please drop me a note.

Take care and all the best for a happy (and hopefully healthy) New Year!

Guys, again, please be patient. The club is not dead, we are accepting members and we will get to your submissions. PLEASE be sure to include the program and tools that were used either in the deviation or in a helpful comment on the submission message. Having that will help speed up the process.


So as you may know DomiSM has been sick for about a year or so. She's afk for the foreseeable future. Some of you may remember me as one of the former admins here. I'm apologizing ahead of time because I have limited time and can only get on here for a few hours a week.

be patient. ^___^

Also to help streamline the submission process. Please make sure you state what program and what tools you have used. If you do not want to put this in your description, then send a message in on the submission.

So send some good thoughts, prayers, vibes, etc to our lovely DomiSM and try to be patient because the club is going to slow down a little.

Hello everyone :)

Please accept my sincere apologies, again,  for all of the submissions and join requests that expired before I got to them.  I guess I owe an explanation, but I'll make it as brief as possible.

I have been sick for the past year, progressively getting worse and worse each time.  I have been in hospital 7 times in the last year, and was just released today again, after spending the past 11 days in hospital, with very limited internet access to dA.  I have been trying my best to be here as often as possible, but when I'm admitted to hospital, there isn't a lot I can do.  I'm the only Admin, so I have no one to help (anyone want to volunteer?).

I have an appointment with a new specialist on Monday, in a city that's a 7 hour drive for us, and I don't know what this appointment will bring...I may be admitted again to hospital up there, but I won't know until I see him on Monday.  So please keep submitting, and I will get to them as soon as I possibly can...but please forgive me if things expire.  If something you've submitted expires, please submit again :)

I hope no one gives up on the group, and I hope everyone can be patient with me until I'm well again.  I love seeing everyone's work come through, everyone here is so talented, from our beginners to our're all amazing :heart:

Thanks everyone...I promise to do the best I can :)
Hello, all you awesome Vector, Vexel and Vection Artists!  Sorry I have been away for a while, just back after spending a week in hospital with very limited internet access, so I wasn't able to do submissions and join requests this past week.  There were quite a few 'expired' submissions and join requests, so please resubmit when you can if you had something expire.  My apologies!! I do try and log on every couple of days, but I could't do much about it this time :(
Hope everyone is doing well!!  And if any of you would like to volunteer to help with the group, I'd appreciate some help! :D
Looks like our Super Group access has expired as well, so I might set up a donation box on my page, if anyone wants to donate to the cause...I can't really afford to do it all myself.
STILL LOOKING FOR A COUPLE OF HELPERS!!! Note me if you're interested :) (DomiSM)

Hey guys!

Sorry I've been away. As everyone has figured out, DomiSM is essentially running the group right now. Sooo thank you very much to her <3. We're looking for 2 mods to help her out at least twice a week. You need to know the devart definitions of Vector and Vexel. We also accept Mixed Media at a 70% vector - 30% raster ratio. All you really need to be is patient and love vectors. Experience running a group is a definite plus too.

Cheers guys and thank you for being so awesome!


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